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The Eyeboard is an open source eye-tracking project built with the intention to help people with disabilities. People with physical disabilities face a lot of communication problems with other people. This is why we were motivated to build an inexpensive, yet reliable, human-computer interface that detected eye movements using the technique used in the biomedical field, Electrooculography (EOG).

How it works?
Electro- oculography (EOG) is a technology that consists of placing electrodes around the eyes on the person’s forehead to record eye movements. The voltage that exists between the eyes is a very small electrical potential that can be detected using electrodes. People with certain disabilities may use these systems in order to have certain communication. However, systems like these tend to be very expensive due to their complexity; therefore, this open source project could be beneficial to a lot of people around the world.

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I have invested a lot of my personal resources, i.e time and money (for equipment, components, hiring a few people sometimes, etc) to put together some of these projects for you. I am a firm believer that by sharing knowledge and making information accessible to everyone, I am contributing a little bit towards an "open source world", where scientific material can be readily available to anyone. Hopefully any of this will encourage inventors and makers around the world to innovate and create the next big thing.

I just ask that if you can, please consider making a donation and give credit to me if you get to use any of my material.

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