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Cypher is an open source fully portable device aimed for security. The idea of this project was to develop a fully functional personal encryption device for everyday users. Use asymmetric encryption for securing your passwords, files, conversations (such as email through openPGP), and even cryptocurrencies! The use-case example we developed was a personal wallet for cryptocurrencies.

How it works?
The device features a 32-bit ARM processor that runs on Linux (so it's pretty versatile!), it has a trusted platform module, an IMU (gyrosensor + accelerometer) for added entropy for random number generation, and also has NFC/RFID capabilities. The latter feature is useful for smartphone use or backing up your private keys (e.g 24 words for BIP39) on an NFC card. The device also has a micro USB connection for UART communication, that way you can connect cypher to your computer (e.g for encrypting files). Everything is done within the device, so all the signing and encryption is done within Cypher (the private keys never leave the device!).

Note: I've spent most of my time on this project writing most of the libraries for the LCD, and all the peripherals. Most of the example code you'll see does everything right on the spot without any encryption (so plain text). When I have time I'll get back to this project, but right now you can see all the code and schematics if you are interested in designing your own mobile device!

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I have invested a lot of my personal resources, i.e time and money (for equipment, components, hiring a few people sometimes, etc) to put together some of these projects for you. I am a firm believer that by sharing knowledge and making information accessible to everyone, I am contributing a little bit towards an "open source world", where scientific material can be readily available to anyone. Hopefully any of this will encourage inventors and makers around the world to innovate and create the next big thing.

I just ask that if you can, please consider making a donation and give credit to me if you get to use any of my material.

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